+381 (11) 4051 897

Gavrila Principa 43

11 000 Belgrade, Serbia


Through open and participatory processes, we help organizations and companies to understand their real potentials, define their end user and recognize the real need existing on the market.

Once this is clear, we offer creative and professional support to companies to establish and nurture a culture of innovation within their organization, design new strategies and create roadmaps in order to develop products, services, and programs that are competitive on the market.

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We offer creative solutions from the field of branding, print, products development and architecture using user-centered design methodology to create new solutions that are tailor-made to suit people’s needs.

Our valuable ever-growing community of young creatives and professionals is working every day with the goal of making projects in Nova Iskra Studio better, more special and ahead of its time. Our work becomes recognizable and makes every process unique.

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