+381 (11) 4051 897

Gavrila Principa 43

11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

Upgrade In Progress

Client: SGA

Year: 2023

Mentor/Trainer/Facilitator: Nana Radenković / Kristijan Šujević

Tasks of Nova Iskra Studio:




In cooperation with The Serbian Games Association, Nova Iskra implemented a special program of business mentoring, which was intended for creative studios and companies from the domain of video games and creative-tec, with the aim of providing them with professional support that will enable their further business development and pushing to the “next level” of growth.

The program was implemented as part of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster program, intended for creative studios and small and medium-sized enterprises from Serbia with 5 to 30 employees. After the analysis conducted on the basis of the applications received, six small and medium-sized companies from the sector received mentoring and consulting support in the areas of team culture development, financial and business management, communication and similar.

For the six selected companies: Phobos, Bohemian Pulp, BunkerVFX, Hora Development, Spring Onion and DAT, tailore made support was designed according to the specific needs and in relation to the development phase of selected businesses through work with relevant experts from the ICT Hub, Nova Iskra, Swiss EP support program.