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Creative Solutions

Zent magazine

Client: Culture Code

Year: 2016

Creative direction: Nova Iskra Studio

Art direction: Olga Jorgačević

Design: Olga Jorgačević

Tasks of Nova Iskra Studio:

Creative direction / Visual identity system and design / Publication layout and design

Zent magazine is dedicated to the research and examining of the issues that deal with the problematisation of the “contemporary“ in all of its aspects.

Zent is political, insofar as it does not see politics (only) as a matter of institutions, but above all as a matter of everyday relations between individuals and communities to each other and to the world. Zent’s language is written in accessible and understandable manner, while it also experiments with forms of expression (from photography, through literature and architecture to theory) with the intention to problematize the relationship between “high”, “popular” and “national” culture, “experts” and “amateurs”, managers and those that are managed.

For the project we developed the visual identity system, as well we publications layout and design.